DIY workshops

 'Moving on to the next case’ - young people’s reactions to safeguarding panels 

How do professionals talk about young people in panels?

Multi-agency safeguarding panels are increasingly used to safeguard young people from extra-familial risk and harm, yet young people rarely participate in them. How much do these panels integrate what young people feel and think? And what do young people feel when they hear young people discussed in these spaces? If you are involved in these types of panels and would like to make them more inclusive or young people’s experiences, feelings and wants, then this workshop is for you!

We have developed this workshop as part of the Innovate Project in partnership with young people with lived experiences of these panels. These young people are members of the Young Researchers' Advisory Panel (YRAP) at the Safer Young Lives Research Centre, University of Bedfordshire. We showed them a fictional video of a panel meeting and captured their reactions.

We focused on two key areas: how watching the panel made them feel, and what they thought could happen differently. We then created a second video showing YRAP’s reactions to the fictional panel.

We have created two versions of this workshop to guide participants through critically reflecting on these videos:

  • Workshop 1 is designed for panel chairs and any professional who participate in safeguarding panels for young people affected by extra-familial risks or harm. The purpose of the workshop is for professionals to hear from young people and critically reflect on their own panels and consider how they can be more inclusive of young people’s voice. Ideally this could be an exercise that panels do together. It can also be used in training and group supervisions.
  • Workshop 2 is designed for professionals to use it themselves with young people to obtain their views on panels.

 The workshops are designed to start a conversation about young people’s missing voice in these panels and to encourage reflection about how young people are often talked about in these spaces. These resources can also be incorporated into teaching and training curriculums.

Workshop 1 for professionals:

A slide deck with step-by-step instructions and 4 video clips (with an optional 5th clip)

Workshop 2 for young people

A slide deck with step-by-step instructions; a facilitator’s guide; supporting documents; and 3 video clips.