Innovation Learning and Development Networks

We will develop two Innovate Project Learning and Development Networks (IPLDNs) through this project. Each will be a group of ‘early adopters’ of our project findings, keen to build on learning about the processes of innovation and our three innovative approaches through a yearly meeting, webinars, reports, articles and other resources.

The UK IPLDN is expected to comprise around 18 Local Authorities or large social care organisations which are already seeking to innovate around extra-familial risks and harm, and can commit to providing us with feedback through a yearly survey on how they are putting our findings into practice.

We expect our International IPLDN to include a range of partners, not just social care organisations, but also academics and policy makers keen to interpret our findings for different jurisdictions and cultural contexts.

If your organisation is interested in joining either the UK or International IPLDN, please contact us here.

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