Developing Innovation in Social Work and Social Care Organisations

A new online CPD module on 'Developing Innovation in Social Work and Social Care Organisations' is being led by Prof. Michelle Lefevre at the University of Sussex, based on our research findings from the Innovate Project. It will be held on 7 mornings 9am to 1pm and earns 30 Masters' level credits which can be built towards a full postgraduate qualification in Leadership and Management at Sussex. The dates in the 2024-25 academic year are

  • 15th October 2024
  • 12th November 2024
  • 10th December 2025
  • 14th January 2025
  • 11th February 2025
  • 11th March 2025
  • 1st April 2025

Who is this module aimed at?

Candidates will either be working in strategic roles in social work, health or social care where they have a responsibility for developing system and service structures, or at an operational level, where they are implementing interventions. This might be in local authority, charity, for profit, or independent sector. Candidates who are intending to move into such roles in the future would also benefit from the module.

Why take this module at Sussex?

The module is led by Professor Michelle Lefevre, who led the Innovate. The teaching team is at the forefront of research and engagement with the sector regarding innovation development and will be able to share findings and new conceptualisations from their own work.

What and how will I learn?

The module is delivered online over seven sessions 9am to 1pm between September 2024 and March 2025. Sessions will present participants with key theories and research findings. The seminar groups will facilitate participants in making sense of the learning in relation to their specific setting and role, and support them in undertaking the work-based assignment for the module.

NB it is an expectation that participants undertake preparatory reading and other tasks before taught sessions.

Themes covered

  • What innovation entails at each stage in its trajectory
  • Facilitating innovation and overcoming challenges
  • Evaluating the nature and effectiveness of innovations
  • Determining the appropriateness of innovation types for particular social work and social care problems
  • Designing an innovation to address a complex problem within the participants’ workplace
  • Building evaluation of effectiveness into innovation

Learning aims

Leaders and managers need to be able to identify when, how and what kinds of innovation should be mobilised to address specific problems within their sector if positive service experiences and improvements in outcomes for service users are to result. Taking this module will enable you to develop your understanding of how to implement innovation effectively within your organisational setting.

You will be better able to maximise facilitators of innovation within your system, and recognise and overcome barriers.

The module will also enable you to develop well-designed, realistic innovation proposals, with evaluation methodologies built in, for applications to government bodies, charities, or within your own organisation.

What to do if you're interested

Email for further information about the module and take a look at the University of Sussex website to learn more about our CPD opportunities.